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Am I a candidate for Sympathectomy surgery?
Once they have failed conservative treatment, most patients with hand, auxillary and facial sweating are candidates. Patients with severe lung and pleural disease, or prior chest surgery, may not be candidates.

What are the percentages for cure of my hand sweating, armpit sweating and the sweating in my feet?
More than 95% chance for complete cure of hand sweating, about 80% for armpit sweating and 50-60% for the sweating in the feet.

Will I develop Compensatory Hyperhidrosis?
Most patients will develop some increased sweating in other areas of the body during exercise and hot weather, these symptoms improve with time. A small percentage of patients can develop troublesome sweating in these areas.

Will my symptoms recur with time?
Armpit sweating can recur after a few years, but is usually mild and is easily treated with local antiperspirants.

Is the procedure covered by Insurance?
Most insurance companies will cover the operation. Speak to our office staff for further clarification.

Where is the operation done and how soon can it be scheduled?
The operations are performed at the newly established state-of-the-art Neurosurgery Center at the Roosevelt Hospital which is affiliated with Columbia University. Operations can be scheduled by talking to our office, usually within two weeks.




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