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Hyperhidrosis is a condition where excessive sweating occurs in certain areas of the body. The excessive sweating causes social embarrassment, leading to psychological problems and depression. Hyperhidrosis (HH) is a condition where excessive sweating occurs in areas of the body, unrelated to thermoregulatory needs. Hyperhidrosis commonly affects the hands (palmar HH), armpits (axillary HH), feet (plantar HH) and less often the face (Facial HH) with or without facial flushing. Facial sweating may occur with meals called “Gustatory sweating”, reddening of the face with or without associated sweating is called facial flushing. Hyperhidrosis may affect one or several areas of the body in the affected patients. The degree of sweating however can vary in the different parts of the body. Occasionally axillary HH is associated with odor (Bromhidrosis).

The severe sweating interferes with the quality of life causing social, psychological, educational and occupational problems.
The embarrassment of shaking hands with friends and acquaintances or holding hands with a loved one. The problems with leaving everything you touch wet and stained. The inability to wear make up due to excessive facial sweating and the need to wear black and white colors to hide the stains from excessive armpit sweating.

In the past, surgical treatments were difficult, with high complication rates and significant postoperative pain. Thoracoscopic sympathectomy has revolutionized the treatment of hyperhydrosis, and over 90 percent of patients experience permanent relief of sweating in the axillae and hands following bilateral thoracoscopic sympathectomy.

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